Metron AS - Augmented Solution

At Powelectrics, we strive to offer cutting edge technology in a practical, user-friendly format, so that our customers can focus on their core business.Our standard range of Metron4 hardware is truly ‘plug n play’ and our MetronView cloud is exceptionally versatile. We also understand that global m2m is not a ‘one size fits all’ business!!

Powelectrics MetronAS (Augmented Solution) offers customers a range of bespoke solutions usually, although not exclusively, based on Powelectrics Metron4 IoT telemetry hardware.

MetronAS offers the tradition benefits of Metron4 by connecting sensors to the internet, giving secure web based data access through a simple web browser, offering multiple power options and remote configuration of the Metron4 device.
The 'augmented' element varies according to the application. It is favoured by customers seeking a more sophisticated graphical interface on site, in addition to the regular and historical data collected via MetronView.
Solutions generally incorporate a sophisticated, full-colour, high-resolution graphical interface. This display allows extensive customisation, including the ability to incorporate representations of the actual process, such as tanks and their levels and also customer’s graphics. Suited to the harshest industrial environments.
MetronAS can accomodate 4 analogue inputs and multiple digital inputs and outputs.
It is ideal where more sophicated calculations and commands are required and offers instant response to programmable inputs and events, triggering immediate alarms and beacons.
MetronAS is an extremely flexible solution which can be adapted to a broad range of applications and environments including ATEX.
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