Metron ATEX

The Metron Atex is a class- leading, reliable and affordable GSM/GPRS telemetry device, designed and manufactured by Powelectrics, for monitoring in ATEX environments. It is suited to a range of applications and is often used for LPG tank level monitoring in ATEX environments to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns. Metron ATEX connects your sensors to the internet, allowing you to view data securely through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Metron ATEX can alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed.

Powelectrics are a technical company with 25 years experience and a sharp commercial focus. We strive to ensure our solutions are as cost-effective and user-friendly as possible, designed to minimise initial investment costs, solution development costs and the ongoing costs of maintenance and communications. Metron ATEX offers exceptional value, from inexpensive GSM/GPRS communications to having six inputs, which means that up to six sensors can be monitored with just one device and one sim card. Metron ATEX is extremely easy to install using simple instructions and no programming experience is needed. Powelectrics can configure units prior to dispatch or remotely via text message. The integral battery means Metron ATEX is completely self contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. With its sturdy, weatherproof enclosure and operational temperatures range from minus 15 to plus 45 degrees centigrade, Metron telemetry is suited to tough environments. For ATEX applications, we can also design a solution using Metron2 with approved ATEX barriers.

Powelectrics connected sensor solutions are used in a growing number of industries, including bulk liquid & gas distribution, agriculture, utilities, pumping and environmental applications, public & commercial transport and security.  We can provide all or part of a fully integrated, end to end telemetry solution including hardware (Metron2 and MetronATEX), installation (in the UK), software (MetronView, Fuel Management System and bespoke software development to suit your application), excellent rates on sim cards and a huge range of sensors. Powelectrics are also a well-established and reputable sensor distributor, offering sensors from over 100 respected international suppliers.



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LPG Tank Level Monitoring

By using one of our LPG Tank Level Monitoring systems and remotely monitoring the level in LPG (propane gas) bulk storage tanks suppliers are able to dramatically reduce their distribution costs

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Underground Tank Monitoring

The Metron ATEX from Powelectrics is ideal for Underground Tank Monitoring. Thanks to the advanced power management of the Metron ATEX the maximum amount of power is delivered to the modem and the maximum signal strength is achieved.

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