Pulse Counting with the Metron2

It is possible to expand the Metron2 to include a 5 channel pulse counting card providing a system that has 4 analogue inputs and 5 pulse inputs. The pulse inputs can be used for water, gas and electricity meter reading. It is most commonly used to measure flow of liquids and gases, as in the case of measuring cubic metres of water at a pumping station, but can also be used to measure fuel, AdBlue and any other meter. You can use the Metron2 to measure level in a tank and the amount dispensed, or the level in a river and the amount of water abstracted.

The /5DP expansion card fits neatly inside the Metron2 and present the terminals for easy collection of the pulse signals. The pulses need to be slower than 10 Hz and must be volt free contacts.

The solution is compatible with the Metron2/S (6-24Vdc powered), the Metron2/SSM (with integral battery) and the Metron2/S/SOL-SYS (solar powered system). The Metron2 must have suitable firmware - please check with Powelectrics.

The image below shows how the card fits into the Expansion slot on the left hand side.

The pulse counting add on suits applications where the data transmissions are infrequent as at the time of writing the Metron2 cannot count pulses when it is transmitting. If you are transmitting frequently then you will lose a larger amount of pulses.