Sensors for Factory Automation

We have a wide range of products supported by a wealth of experience in the field factory automation. Please browse this section to find what you need or contact us to by phone +44 (0) 1827 310666 or email ( to get more information and discuss your application.

Proximity Sensors

We have Proximity Sensors and switches available for high temperature use, sensors with analogue outputs, sensors that have been climate proofed sensors with built in self diagnostics and sensors for intrinsically safe applications.

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Optical Sensors

Our experience ensures you get the best Optical Sensor for your application, whether it be measuring distances, checking profiles, looking at surface thickness, counting objects, edge control, tension control,  the list goes on!

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Vision System Lighting

Here at Powelectrics we supply a wide a range of Vision System Lighting for all types of Industry. The choice of lighting is critical to the success of machine vision and choosing the correct lighting can often reduce the overall investment in terms of hardware.

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Label Sensors

At Powelectrics we are pleased to offer a wide range of Label Sensors that will safely and accurately detect the position of most types of labels. Our Label Sensors have a high operating frequency, a short response time and high resolution.

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