Sensors for Factory Automation

Powelectrics are a reputable sensor distributor with 25 years’ experience, supplying a range from over 100 quality manufacturers. We are the UK distributor for di-soric and EGE Elektronik. Our broad expertise covers flow, level, temperature, pressure, proximity, distance, colour, movement and many more. We supply into many industries including automation, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and packaging, fuel, utilities, agriculture, waste, recycling, transport and security

di-soric SENSORS
Proximity Switches   Inductive Proximity Switches
Label Sensors   Capacitive Proximity Switches
Colour Sensors   Flow Switches & Controllers
Ultrasonic Sensors    Infrared Detectors

Light Barriers:

          Fork   Angled   Frame & Ring

  EGE IO-Link Products
Laser Distance Sensors    
Fibre Optic Sensors    
Light Curtains    
CS50 Vision Sensor    
Ring, Wire Break and Tube Sensors    
Machine Lighting & Machine Vision Lighting