SIGFOX Ambient Transmitter

These SIGFOX ambient transmitters offer a high power battery and embedded CO2, temperature and humidity sensors. They are compact (Housed in a 99 x 85 x 32mm IP40 enclosure) , easy to install, fully integrated to Powelectrics MetronView cloud and have a battery life up to 10 years.

The device is approved for use on the Sigfox networks. Data can be reported to Powelectrics MetronView cloud  allowing you view data and receive alarms securely via any web-enabled device and even integrate with 3rd party software solutions using our API.

CO2 range                                   0-5000 ppm

Temperature sensor range          -40 to + 125 deg C

Working temperature                   -20 to + 55 deg C

Replaceable lithium battery (with low battery alarm)

Typical battery life:

                15 minute data                  1 year

                Hourly data                       2 years

                2 hourly data                     3 years

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