Pressure Sensors

Powelectrics offer a range of pressure transmitters to suit various applications including level measurement. The general purpose pressure transmitter is available in a variety of ranges, housings and connector types and offers excellent value for money. We also have a range of sensors with a built in display.

We are experts in remote pressure monitoring allowing you to view the pressure readings via the internet using a web browser, to pull data via our API and receive alarms.

Pressure sensors with a built in display

These high performance Pressure Sensors are suited for measurements in pipes and containers. pressure sensorThe high accuracy of our Pressure Sensors capacitive ceramic gauge head also makes it an effective fill level monitor.

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The Metron 2 is an award winning, flexible, reliable and affordable range of GSM/GPRS telemetry devices, designed, developed and manufactured by Powelectrics. Metron 2 connects thousands of different sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone and it can alert you when defined thresholds are crossed or a state has changed. Thousands of Metron 2 devices are deployed globally, monitoring data from many sensors including flow, level, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise, wind speed & direction, humidity, pH, contamination etc. They are often used for tank level measurement and for condition monitoring, to give early warning of equipment failure and prevent costly stoppages.
Devices are delivered ready to install with simple instructions and no programming experience is needed. Powelectrics can configure units prior to dispatch or remotely via our Metron View software and they are easily tested on site via the interactive display.

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MetronView is a web based data collection platform, designed and maintained by Powelectrics, for use with Metron4 and other telemetry devices.
It is standalone cloud with customisable dashboards, reporting and alerts. Data & alerts can be sent to unlimited users on any web-enabled device allowing multiple stakeholders to benefit from historical & current data.
It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, currently processing millions of readings every day. Data can be collected by other platforms via API. The are many application stories in the news section on this web site. Please click here.
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Hydrostatic Level Sensors

Hydrostatic Level Sensors are for the level measurement of liquids in open and closed containers and reactors, even under difficult conditions, such as when there is the formation of foam. They are easy to install, robust and reliable

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