Remote Tank Level Monitoring

If you distribute or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules in bulk, then Powelectrics can offer you a remote monitoring solution. Our tank level monitoring projects include fuel oilRemote Tank Level Monitoringbiofuels, AdBlue, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, LPG, waste products, chemicals including water additives, agrochemicals, animal feeds, food and beverages. We offer bespoke solutions for environments with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).
    View data securely online using our web based platform.
    Receive alerts when tanks are getting empty or full.
    Increase delivery or collection volumes and reduce part load returns.
    Improved customer service.
    Initiate proactive delivery or collection scheduling.
    Detect theft and leaks.
    Provide an audit trail for trend analysis and invoice verification.
    A colour coded mapping system - see what tanks need filling or emptying and their location.
The traditional view in bulk distribution or collection sectors, is that your customers are responsible for informing you when their tanks are ready to be filled or emptied. Powelectrics tank MetronVIEWlevel telemetry can remove this responsibility, along with an assurance that they will not run out or overfill. This value added service can lead to greater commitment from customers and dramatically reduce logistics costs. It can also allow you to identify unauthorised deliveries or collections from competitors. Our remote tank level monitoring systems are proven to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns. Powelectrics connected sensor solutions are easy to install and maintain. Our telemetry is reliable, flexible and affordable and it will interface into existing business tools, such as SAP. We connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, allowing you to view data securely through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Powelectrics are also a well-established and reputable sensor distributor, offering sensors from over 100 respected international suppliers.
Devices can use external power, internal battery or solar cell, which means they can be completely self-contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. They offer integral, low-cost GSM/GPRS communications ATEX options and a high frequency of transmission. Units have an integral display, which helps with setup and test, as well as replacing costly local gauges and can be remotely configured via our software. Devices have multiple inputs, so you can use one device/SIM card to monitor several tanks. biofuels, lubricants, agrochemicals & food & beverage industry additives. 
Our telemetry devices are compatible with thousands of sensors, from submersible level sensors to ultrasonic
MetronVIEWsensors and radar sensors to avoid physical contact with tank contents. This flexibility allows Powelectrics tank level telemetry solutions to accommodate any shape or height of tank and even the most aggressive tank contents.
Powelectrics data collection and viewing platform, MetronView, is a web based data logger, showing tables and graphs. For bulk delivery and collection applications, Powelectrics have developed bespoke software, which also includes theft and leakage alerts and the facility to set thresholds on individual tanks to alert you when tanks are reaching amber and red alert levels and even predict when individual tanks will need filling, based on recent usage. These colour coded sites can be plotted on a map, by postcode, for simple logistics planning. Data may be used to verify delivery dates and quantities for invoice reconciliation. Powelectrics software will also alert you if a device has not reported in. Metron View is easily badged and customised, delivering bespoke reports and data exports and it can interface via an API with existing management & control systems, such as SAP. We can work with you to develop a bespoke site for any application.

Chemical Level Monitoring Remote Fuel Monitoring LPG/GPL Industry


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Fuel Oil Monitoring

Powelectrics Fuel Oil Monitoring systems verifies deliveries, alerts users to sudden drops in fuel levels, fuel theft and much more.Fuel Oil Monitoring

The use of our Fuel Oil Monitoring systems helps both larger oil consumers and oil distributors. Through the same connected sensor solution you can verify when deliveries are made and for how much as well as being reminded when to reorder so you don't run out.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a well-established practice in many industrial sectors. It relieves customers of the need to place orders in the conventional manner and puts the onus on suppliers toVendor Inventory Management  replenish customers’ supplies within agreed limits.

Powelectrics provide a wide range of Vendor Managed Inventory applications to help save your business money, improve customer service and reduce C02 emissions. Analysis of our customers' data demonstrates that 86% of deliveries were inefficient before they used Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and that by fitting Metron telemetry 24% fewer deliveries are needed. Powelectrics Vendor Managed Inventory systems saves money, improves customer service, reduces CO2 emissions and allows for future expansion.

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AdBlue Tank Level Monitoring

By knowing the level in your customers tanks then AdBlue (DEF) deliveries can be optimised and your customers can enjoy fantastic levels of service. Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring solutions are used extensively in AdBlue tanks with adblue level sensors, telemetry hardware and software based data collection platforms to suit all needs.

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