Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Powelectrics IoT remote tank level monitoring solutions are proven to reduce logistics and admin costs, and help win & retain business by improving customer service. By knowing when a tank needs attention, efficient logistics can be planned and costs reduced. No wasted journeys, panic deliveries/collections or part load returns. Personal, process and environmental safety is also protected by avoiding run-outs and overspills as well as maximising margins by avoiding the need to stop production.

Powelectrics technology can accommodate any shape or size of tank and contents may be liquid, gas, powder and even granules.

Telemetry devices are afforable, easily installed and can report data from up to four tanks. Data and alerts are sent wirelessly at user-defined intervals to unlimited authorised users, wherever they have web access... to smart devices, laptops, desktops.

Many of our thousands of tank level installations use our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices and our affordable range of SPS level sensors. We also offer a range of non-contact sensors including ultrasonic and radar.

MetronView is our standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms.  

For bulk collection and distribution applications, Powelectrics offer a bespoke portal, MetronTMS (Tank Monitoring System). Thresholds can be configured for individual tanks to alert customers when tanks are reaching amber and red alert levels. Tanks can be plotted on a map, by colour code and postcode to enable efficient logistics planning.

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