Spot Lights for Machine Vision Systems

Spot Lights for Machine Vision SystemsSpot Lights for Machine Vision Systems are used as direct light to highlight features on objects that are to be inspected. Di-soric Spot Lights are available as radial and axial models and can therefore be easily integrated into the application specific environment.

Di-soric Spot Light Advantages

Di-soric Spot Lights are ideal for matt or non - reflective objects, where a large amount of light is required in a relatively small area. Different optics, light colours and other technical advantages make them suitable in a variety of conditions. Di-soric spot lights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their robust metal housing and high IP protection rating.

Features of Di-soric Spot Lights

  • Spot lights with radial or axial light emission
  • Different angles of reflected beam
  • Internal power control
  • Uniform luminous field
  • High protection class
  • External trigger input
  • Connection by means of M12 standard connector/cable
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Diverse mounting options
  • Different light colours
  • Robust casing design

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