Temperature Sensors & Remote Temperature Monitoring

Here at Powelectrics we can supply Temperature Sensors for remote temperature monitoring in a wide range of fittings with different options for cabling to ensure they suit your application. We can supply head mount and din rail mount transmitters, compact units with built in electronics as well temperature sensors with integral displays. We even have sensors that incorporate both temperature and flow measurement, so you can measure each element remotely.

Plug & Play Remote Temperature Monitoring

We have  solutions available for remote temperature monitoring. Powelectrics award-winning Telemetry Systems take signals from sensors & machines and make the readings available via the internet using web browsers and API’s. We can send alarms if a parameter goes over or under a threshold. The same technology can be used to get data into SCADA systems which is especially good when there are parameters that need monitoring that are a distance from the main network. We provide remote temperature monitoring solutions for environments where there is no power.

Our technology works 'out of the box' and is proven with a wide range of sensors from many different manufacturers in many different applications. Devices can be easily centrally managed meaning the units can be reconfigured by the click of a mouse. We have catalogued hundreds of sensors meaning you can plug and play, deploying your remote temperature monitoring solution with confidence.

Powelectrics Telemetry Systems are proven globally in many different industries. Our Telemetry Systems are not only flexible and reliable but also affordable.

For more information regarding our Temperature Sensors please contact us direct today. 

Temperature Controller - Hot Swap

This Temperature Controller Sensor can be exchanged during operation so there's no need to stop the process. TN-type temperature sensors are inserted into containers or pipes via a special stainless steel AISI 316Ti screw-in socket which allows users to remove and exchange them without leaking or polluting the process liquid. 

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Temperature Controllers - TN 552

The Temperature Control Sensors TN 552 GPP and TN 552/1 GPP have two independent adjustable switching points. The compact models TN 552 GAPP and TN 552/1 GAPP have one independent adjustable switching point and one scalable analog output.

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Non Contact Temperature Sensor

The PyroCouple Series is a range of high quality, low cost, compact sensors which measure the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects and materials. They measure temperatures from -20°C to 500°C, accurately and consistently,with an outstanding response time of 240 ms.

Two-wire PyroCouple sensors transmit the target temperature as a 4-20 mA output and offer a simple solution for most non-contact temperature measurement applications.

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