Remote Monitoring Solutions

Whatever term you use for Telemetry, whether it's remote monitoring, M2M, Machine2Machine, Machine2Man or even Man2Machine then Powelectrics wire free telemetry products will serve you well. Our Telemetry Solutions have been designed with the user in mind, so they are cost-efficient, easy to configure and install.

We can interface to machines in different ways, whether it be via process signals, or serial communications.

Benefits of Telemetry

This ‘Internet of Things’ telemetry technology offers rapid payback, delivering operational, environmental and financial benefits, from cutting delivery miles, to reacting in good time to warnings of machinery breakdown, leakage, theft, run-outs and safety breaches.

Why choose Powelectrics

Powelectrics award-winning Telemetry Solutions are proven globally, in a range of sectors including chemical & petrochemical, food distribution and production, transport, water & waste, environmental and factory automation.

“We were looking for a robust telemetry system and platform to replace our infield monitoring and critical remote alarm equipment. We picked Powelectrics as our preferred supplier and Metron View as our new solution to replace all our infield remote monitoring and alarm systems. Working with the Powelectrics Team is a real breath of fresh air, they listen to our needs, help us with our challenges and provide a really robust solution. They are flexible and understanding – we are quite demanding! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their solutions – a great company to partner with for our critical system needs.” Technical Manager

For more information regarding our Telemetry Solutions see below or contact us direct on 01827 310 666

Environmental Monitoring

The industrial internet of things can offer solutions for an expanding range of environmental monitoring applications. Powelectrics telemetry solutions can connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. They can be used to alert you, when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed. Powelectrics connected sensor technology can help you measure level in rivers, sewers and waste tanks, alert you if your temperature-controlled environment is outside a defined range, monitor condition on your pumps and other capital equipment or advise you of noise levels, light levels, contamination, pH or wind direction and speed, providing a complete environmental monitoring system. Powelectrics are also a well-established and reputable sensor distributor, offering sensors from over 100 respected international suppliers.
Powelectrics can provide all or part of a fully integrated, end to end environmental monitoring telemetry solution including hardware, software, hosted services and sim cards, so you can monitor environmental factors with ease. Our connected sensor solutions are affordable, flexible and reliable. They are easy to install & maintain. Devices can use external power, internal battery or solar cell, which means they can be completely self-contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. They offer integral, low-cost GSM/GPRS communications, ATEX options and a high frequency of transmission. Units have an integral display, which helps with setup and test and can be remotely configured via our software. Devices have multiple inputs, so you can use one device/SIM card to monitor several sensors, including  flow sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, environmental sensors, such as pH sensors, conductivity sensors, wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, luminosity sensors and rain gauges.

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Automatic Meter Reading

Powelectrics offer simple, low-maintenance, cost-effective connected sensor solutions for fair, accurate meter reading and billing and to identify and reduce wastage. In addition to our award winning GSM telemetry, Powelectrics now offer radio telemetry for metering gas, water and electricity in shared spaces such as factories, retail parks and apartments and in leisure environments, such as caravan parks. Radio transmitters take readings from your meters and send them to a hub, which  forwards them over the GSM (mobile phone) network and makes the data available securely via the internet.

Near real time and historical data regarding the consumption of electricity, gas and water allows for accurate billing mechanisms and trend analysis to help manage energy consumption and identify unauthorised use of resources, leakage and waste. For example, in a caravan park, guests can be charged fairly for the resources they actually use, rather than the traditional fixed charge. Guests understand that they will be liable for their personal usage of water, gas and electricity, which should ensure that they only use the resources that they need. This benefits the park management, the guest and the environment.

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Security Detection & Alarms

The industrial internet of things is often used to protect people, properties and assets. Our telemetry can alert you when defined thresholds have been crossed or states have changed. This may be intrusion into a secure area, flood defence, asset performance outside of optimum parameters, even unauthorised or inefficient usage of resources, including leakage and theft. Powelectrics can develop bespoke solutions, whether you need to ensure public safety by warning people to stay out of dangerous areas  or your focus is to prevent costly or hazardous disruption due to the theft of valuable assets, which may be difficult to replace.

Powelectrics connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Sensing Applications

Here at Powelectrics we offer Sensing Applications suitable for a wide variety of Industries and Applications from Flow Sensors, Level Sensors and Colour Sensors. 

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Telemetry Applications

We have a number of telemetry solutions that are easy to use, easy to install and available for a number of applications. From security detection and alarms, remote environmental monitoring, fuel oil monitoring, tank level monitoring and much more. 

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