Tank Inventory System, Remote Inventory Management, Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI

Remote Inventory Management is the use of remote level sensing technology to measure and report the level of any type of substance, with data and high or low level alerts accessible from a remote location.

The use of remote level monitoring helps to significantly reduce bulk distribution (fuel, oil, AdBlue) and collection (waste, recycling) costs.  By knowing when a tank needs attention, efficient logistics can be planned and costs reduced.

Moreover, service and supply contracts can be won and retained by offering enhanced service levels to end-users and removing the responsibility for them to check their own levels and arrange deliveries/collections.

Personal, process and environmental safety is also protected by avoiding run-outs and overspills.

Powelectrics technology can accomodate any shape or size of tank and contents may be liquid, gas, powder and even granules.


In addition to MetronView, Powelectrics general application cloud, for bulk collection and distribution applications, we offer a bespoke portal, MetronTMS (Tank Management Solution).

Using Powelectrics MetronTMS, level sensors take regular readings from tanks and data is sent to the cloud via Metron4 M2M GSM/GPRS telemetry devices.Metron4 telemetry devices are afforable, easily installed and can report data from up to four tanks.  For more information on our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices click here

For more information on our affordable range of SPS level sensors, click here.

Thresholds can be configured for individual tanks to alert customers when tanks are reaching amber and red alert low levels and even predict when individual tanks will need filling, based on recent usage.

Tanks can be plotted on a map, by colour code and postcode to enable efficient logistics planning.

Data may be used to verify delivery dates and quantities for invoice reconciliation and to identify unauthorised deliveries or collections from competitors. MetronTMS will also alert you if a device has not reported in. More here.

  • View data securely online using our web based platform.
  • Receive alarms when tanks are getting empty or full.
  • Increase delivery or collection volumes and reduce part load returns.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Initiate proactive delivery or collection scheduling.
  • Detect theft and leaks and unauthorised competitor activity.
  • Provide an audit trail for trend analysis and invoice verification.
  • A colour coded mapping system - see what tanks need filling or emptying and their location.

MetronTMS has been designed and is constantly evolving to maximise flexibility and ease of use. It can be used without adaptation or customised by modifying data display, creating bespoke reports and data exports and adding your corporate colours and logos. Powelectrics can establish multiple levels of data access within a MetronTMS user's organisation, meaning that individuals or your customers will only access the data that they are authorised to view.

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Here are a couple:

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