Vendor Managed Inventory

Analysis of our customers' data demonstrates that 86% of deliveries were inefficient before they used Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and that by fitting Metron telemetry 24% fewer deliveries are needed. Powelectrics Vendor Managed Inventory systems saves money, improves customer service, reduces CO2 emissions and allows for future expansion.Vendor Inventory Management

Vendor Management Software

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a well-established practice in many industrial sectors. ItVendor Inventory Management relieves customers of the need to place orders in the conventional manner and puts the onus on suppliers to replenish customers’ supplies within agreed limits. This gives the producer both visibility and control of the end-to-end supply chain, allowing them to manage inventory and transport capacity more efficiently. From the customer’s perspective, VMI can be sold as a service to them, whereby they are no longer responsible for checking levels and contacting the supplier, but the supplier manages supplies to ensure that they never run out or pay premiums for emergency deliveries. This service can be offered in return for an agreement to single source.

Benefits of Vendor Management Inventory

The benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory aren't just in the operations & logistics departments. See the list of benefits below, however if you require further information then contact us direct today:

Here at Powelectrics we offer wire free Vendor Managed Inventory systems that are affordable, reliable and easy to deploy.

For more information regarding our Vendor Management Inventory or how our systems can benefit your company then contact our office today. Call us direct on 01827 310 666 of alternatively fill in our online enquiry form.

Metron2 Remote Monitoring System

The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever your location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry. The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System interfaces to your sensors, periodically taking readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone network.

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Continuous Level Measurement

Our range of Continuous Level Measurement products includes ultrasonic level sensors, hydrosatic level sensors, radar level sensors and guided radar level sensors as well as capacitance level sensors. Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with our Continuous Level Measurement systems.  

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