Sensing and Telemetry Solutions



We connect your sensors to the internet making the data available to you.

View on your computer, tablet or smartphone; integrate to other software; configurable alerts

Compatible with tens of thousands of sensors from major manufacturers. Indexed and proven.

Ready to use.

We can now link your sensor data to excel - find out more

Powelectrics supply equipment and solutions for monitoring, control and automation to a wide range of industries. Sensing & telemetry benefits all areas of business and Powelectrics are able to provide systems that are affordable & flexible, bringing down the total solution cost, opening up new applications.

Powelectrics telemetry makes sense, with products that are designed to be easy to install with low cost communications, adaptable software options & powerful yet flexible protocols driving down the cost of ownership.

We offer hardware, software & communications and have considerable experience in applying the right technology to many different sectors meaning you get cost effective solutions quickly.We offer a rapid route to market for those wanting to embrace the Internet of Things.

Sensing and Telemetry by Industry

Sensing and Telemetry by Industry

Powelectrics have built up a wealth of expertise in key Industry Sectors. This industry knowledge is at the heart of our expertise. We work closely with clients to design, develop and implement flexible solutions that address the unique needs of that Industry.

Wherever you are , wherever your equipment and whatever your industry we have your solution. Contact us now to discuss your application further.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Whatever term you use for Telemetry, whether it's remote monitoring, M2M, Machine2Machine, Machine2Man or even Man2Machine then Powelectrics wire free Telemetry Products will serve you well. Our Telemetry Solutions have been designed with the user in mind, so they are cost-efficient, easy to configure and install.

Powelectrics award-winning Telemetry Solutions are proven globally, in a wide range of sectors covering many applications.

Sensing and Telemetry Products

Sensing and Telemetry Products

With over 20 years experience in the field of Sensing and Telemetry Products we have developed an enviable customer base across the globe and have an extensive range of Sensing Products and Telemetry Products available.

This ‘Internet of Things’ telemetry technology offers rapid payback, delivering operational, environmental and financial benefits, from cutting delivery miles, to reacting in good time to warnings of machinery breakdown, leakage, theft, run-outs and safety breaches.

Internet Connected Sensors

Powelectrics’ award-winning Metron remote monitoring solutions are compatible with tens of thousands of sensors from major manufacturers.

The solutions are ready to use out of the box so you can view your data via the internet using your favourite browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone with ease.